Most people love having pets or the idea of owning one. In my case, my parents won't let me own a pet, aside from pet fish. Fish are fun and all, but unfortunately, you can't really walk a fish. Since I was young, I have always wanted a dog. I thought that they were very cool looking and saw so many of my friends play with theirs. I too wanted a dog that I could play with when I was alone or feeling stressed out.

My Dream Pets!

My dream pet is a miniature schnauzer or an Alaskan malamute. I find the mustache on the schnauzer to be very endearing and heard that they are very kind dogs. Alaskan malamute's are also of a very friendly and loyal breed, and are among one of the larger breeds of dogs with their fluffy coat. I prefer dogs with long fur over short fur, but know that konger fur can lead to heavier shedding.