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Hello World!

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I Wanna Be the Very Best!

Life is hard and I am very stressed out because of school. I slept at 2 AM this morning and woke up again at 5:20 AM to study and work on a project. There are too many deadlines that I have to meet and college applications and the like are all due soon, weighing over my head. However, ignoring all of that, learning about computer science is pretty cool.

That No One Ever Was!

My favorite activities are eating, playing videogames, and singing/dancing. I also really enjoy sleeping, however these days it is difficult to get a good amount of it. I wish I could sleep more because it makes me terribly tired during the day. I also want to grow taller but unfortunately sleep is an important factor to growth. I also really like Pokemon and used to watch the series and movies when I was younger, and had more time.